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Your mindset reflects your wealth.

Wealthy thinking creates wealthy habits; wealthy habits produce wealthy outcomes.

Mindset Wealth - HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. will work closely with clients to identify their goals and objectives and generate the right plan. Most importantly, they keep clients focused on their goals in both good and bad markets. They embrace an investment coaching philosophy and believe that it is investor behaviour and not investment markets that will determine one's long term financial success. Mindset Wealth's goal is to develop a strong relationship with you and your family.

Let’s work out a financial plan that fits your life.

Having a plan in place is the first crucial step in working towards your retirement. Don't know where to start? We can help. Contact us today.

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"You can talk to them and they get it. It’s all about your life—it’s not just about some money to invest, it’s about your life."


About Mindset Wealth

Mindset Wealth is your locally owned office of HollisWealth, is a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. and one of Canada’s premiere independent investment advisory firms.

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Community Mindset

Volunteerism and community service are key values that define our organization. Just as saving money is an investment in your future, giving back to the community an investment in all the people within it.

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