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When it comes to GIC investing, Mindset Wealth leads with their best:
2 YEARS 2.37%
3 YEARS 2.38%
4 YEARS 2.407%
5 YEARS 2.42%
Rates are subject to change without notice. Minimum $50,000. Contact us for more info.

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British Columbia Training and Education Savings Grant Information

Families in British Columbia are encouraged to start planning and saving early for their children’s post-secondary education or training programs. To help, the B.C. Government will contribute $1,200 to eligible children through the B.C. Training and Education Savings Grant (BCTESG).

There was an extension given to students born in 2006 to 2008, since that group of children turned six to nine years old during the year the program was launched. The parent or guardian plus the child must be residents of British Columbia.

For more information visit the British Columbia Government Site

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Welcome to Mindset

What’s your mindset?

The common element to creating and maintaining wealth is how you think about money. It’s your mindset. Wealthy thinking creates wealthy habits; wealthy habits produce wealthy outcomes.

Our approach involves developing what you already have through careful planning, effective coaching and a constant dedication to accessing the appropriate tools and products. We look at your goals with a clear mindset so that we can help you achieve ever-greater accomplishments. Because it’s not what happens that matters; it’s how you respond.

Whether you’re just starting down your road to financial success or you’re getting ready to reap the rewards of a lifetime of hard work, we’ll provide the education, motivation and guidance to help you achieve your objectives.

With the right road map and the right mindset, anything is possible.


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In the Community

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Mindset Wealth and its people are very dedicated to the Comox Valley. They routinely help raise funds for many local causes including L'Arche and Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation and are involved in many junior sports including hockey and baseball.