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GIC Corner

When it comes to GIC investing, Mindset Wealth leads with their best:
2 YEARS 2.25%
3 YEARS 2.28%
4 YEARS 2.33%
5 YEARS 2.38%
Rates are subject to change without notice. Minimum $50,000. Contact us for more info.

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Laura Nickel

Office Manager

Laura-Nickel-HollisDedication, dependability and a flair for organization — just some of the qualities that make Laura an “office manager extraordinaire.”

Laura has been keeping things running smoothly at Mindset Wealth since 2009 and is an integral part of the team. She’s conscientious, possesses a deeply caring manner and is highly adept at seeing each project through to completion.

She’s also a great mom. A busy mother of four kids aged 12 to 19, she’s perfected the arts of multitasking and organization. Those same skills have proven particularly helpful at work, where she helped the company transition into a larger location and undergo a complex rebranding process, all within a short period of time.

While Laura says she enjoys all parts of her job, it’s the opportunity to take part in fundraising events, such as the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation Golf Classic, in which she truly takes pleasure. Which means “charitable” and “helpful” are just two more qualities to add to her already impressive list.

Contact Laura today either by emailing us through the website or by calling (250) 338-5222 or toll free at 1-866-865-3678.

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