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Families and New Investors

Financial Advice and Strategies

Balancing a growing family and a young career is one of life’s most challenging propositions.  It’s also your best opportunity to start growing your wealth.  Sound intimidating? Don’t worry; we’ll show you the way.

Protecting your most valuable asset – you.

Your most important financial resource is your ability to earn income. Creating and preserving wealth is a long journey, and your first step begins right here at Mindset Wealth.

We’ll help you plan for the future, maximize your earning potential and set you and your family up for a rewarding financial future.

Starting a savings plan

There are many options to begin with, but the most important is to develop a plan and to stick to it.

Finding a mortgage

We can provide a mortgage specialist to help you acquire the right mortgage for your needs.

Education Planning

Take advantage of government education savings grants through a Registered Educational Savings plan (RESP).

Are you ready for…

Joining the workforce?

Transitioning from school into the workforce can be both exciting and daunting. You’ll likely have several major new purchases to finance, but it’s crucial to also plan for paying back student loans, investing in your future and securing adequate insurance.

We can help you address the issues that matter to you and ensure you start out on the right track toward financial success. In the meantime, you can find some useful resources for starting out on SnapShots, which we proudly provide in association with Dynamic Funds.

Find more useful articles and resources on for starting out on SnapShots.

Job Change

Leaving your job, whether by choice or otherwise, may also mean a change in your financial situation. We can help with strategies and advice for balancing your priorities, goals and obligations.

We’re happy to sit down with you to discuss your next move at your convenience. Until then, you can find some useful resources on managing your finances during a job change on SnapShots, which we proudly provide in association with Dynamic Funds.

Find more useful articles and resources on how leaving a job can change your financial future on SnapShots.

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