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Investment, Tax and Estate Planning

Retirees face more challenges today than ever before.  We understand the risks you face when you retire, and we can help you navigate them.

Retirement Income Planning

When planning for retirement, there are many options available depending on your objectives and risk profile. We’ll help you develop a plan for how and when to draw income from different sources.

Investment Plan

We’ll help you develop a comprehensive investment strategy tailored to your personal goals and risk limits.


Investing is about more than just a rate of return. We’ll make sure your investments are structured to provide the highest possible after-tax income.

Estate Planning

We can help you put a plan in place to transfer your assets to the next generation.

Longevity Test

Far too many people are on track to outlive their money. Have us test your portfolio so you can sleep at night knowing your money will last at least as long as you do.

Are you ready for…


Transitioning into retirement can be one of the most rewarding stages of your life – but only if you’re financially prepared. We can provide financial strategies and advice for retiring on your terms – both before and after you take the plunge!

For a wealth of resources on retirement planning, visit SnapShots, which we proudly provide in association with Dynamic Funds.

Providing for Surviving Spouse

The death of a spouse or other loved one can change your life and financial goals significantly. Whether you’ve already experienced that loss or you simply want to provide for your spouse once you’re gone, we can suggest strategies for attaining your financial goals – both before and after a life-changing event.

We’re here for you when and if you need us. In the meantime, you can find useful resources for providing for a surviving spouse on SnapShots, which we proudly present in association with Dynamic Funds


The end of your marriage will invariably mean a shift in at least some of your financial goals. We’ll provide financial advice and suggest strategies for balancing your priorities and progressing toward your goals in light of your new situation.

Find useful resources on how divorce can change your financial future on Snapshots, which we proudly present in association with Dynamic Funds

Helping baby boomers make the best of retirement.

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